Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

Any individual can visit Saskatchewan or move permanently to Saskatchewan in many ways. You can come temporarily to visit, study or work.  If you want to work permanently or start a business in Saskatchewan, there are several categories such as:

Skilled Workers, Family Members, Farmers, Health Professions, Hospitality Sector Pilot Project, Long Haul Truck Drivers, Students and Entrepreneurs.

Let’s explore those categories in detail –


This category is designed for skilled workers, professionals or managers who have a full-time, permanent job offer from a Saskatchewan employer. It is divided into three sub-categories:

You may qualify to apply under the SINP Skilled Workers Category if

You live outside of Canada or you have proof of legal status in Canada, you are not a refugee claimant and you have one of the following:


This category is for immigrant families living in Saskatchewan who want to help their skilled and educated family members come to work and live in the province.
Applicants must have a relative who has been living in Saskatchewan for at least one year. They must be willing to provide applicants with assistance during the immigration process and after they arrive in Saskatchewan.  These relatives are called supporting family members.


To be considered for the SINP Family Members Category, you must:


Applicants to the SINP Health Professions Category must already be working full-time in Saskatchewan as a physician, nurse or other health professionals on a temporary work permit for at least six months in order to apply.

The Health Professions Category is split into three sub-categories: Physicians, Nurses, and Other Health Professionals

Basic Eligibility for Health Professions are:


Under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project the SINP can nominate foreign workers that are currently working in Saskatchewan for a minimum of six months on a temporary work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), supported by Service Canada’s (SC), Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Temporary Foreign Worker labor market confirmation, and in one of the following categories:

Workers in these categories must first begin working in Saskatchewan on a temporary foreign work permit for a company that has been approved by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). If an approved business offers the worker permanent employment, after a minimum of 6 months employment the worker may apply to the SINP for permanent resident status


The SINP Long Haul Truck Driver Project allows Saskatchewan trucking firms to bring truckers to the province under Service Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker policy for occupations requiring a high school diploma or on-the-job training. Long haul truck drivers must first begin working in Saskatchewan for an approved trucking firm on a temporary foreign work permit. If an approved trucking firm offers them permanent employment, after a minimum of 6 months employment they may apply to the SINP for permanent resident status

To apply for SINP nomination through this sub-category, you must:


Education in Saskatchewan

The Student Category allows eligible post-secondary graduates to apply for landed immigrant status under the SINP. There are two streams of the Student Category: the Post-Graduation Work Permit Stream and the Master’s and PhD Graduate Stream. In order to qualify, you must:

You have a current, permanent, full-time job offer in your field of study from a Saskatchewan employer. The job should be:

Food and Beverage Servers/Persons must apply under the Hospitality Sector Project sub-category.


The Farm Owner/Operator category is for individuals with proven experience in farming and substantial capital available to invest in a farming operation and who intend to purchase and operate a farming operation in Saskatchewan.

The Young Farmer stream of the Farm Owner/Operator Category is designed to allow young farm families to establish their lives and farming operations in our province’s rural areas.

To be eligible to apply under this category, you must meet all of the following five criteria:

SINP applicants will be assessed against Provincial program criteria and eligibility requirements in place when their application was submitted.  Please refer to IRCC’s website for up-to-date information regarding criteria and requirements in place for Permanent Residence applications.


The SINP Entrepreneur Program offers you and your family the opportunity to establish, acquire or partner in a business in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in its management.

The two required steps to follow in Nomination Criteria are –

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI) submission to the SINP
  2. EOI Selection and Invitation to Submit an Application
  3. Nomination.

There are four criteria in the SINP Entrepreneur Category that you must meet to be approved for nomination:

You have a current, permanent, full-time job offer in your field of study from a Saskatchewan employer. The job should be:

Food and Beverage Servers/Persons must apply under the Hospitality Sector Project sub-category.


Once you are approved for nomination, you will be required to: