Newfoundland and Labrador welcomes international newcomers to work, study, and build a life in the easternmost part of North America. Canada and our province are committed to multiculturalism and offer safe and welcoming communities for you and your family to live and enjoy life.

Our province is geographically larger than many countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Japan, and New Zealand. With a population of approximately 520,000, mostly clustered in urban areas, the province has one of the lowest population densities in the world. We boast clean air and water, and large public forests and hiking trails easily accessible from any community. We are located on the eastern edge of Canada, just five hours from London, England. Our capital city, St. John’s, is among the oldest in North America, with rich culture and heritage.

We have a modern economy with opportunities for professionals, skilled trades people, and academics. Traditional industries such as the fishery, forestry, and oil and gas remain very important to the province. There are also many opportunities in new industries such as software development, advanced manufacturing, engineering, and consulting.

Home ownership remains possible for many, with some of the lowest home prices in North America and Canada. Our road traffic is light and commutes are short compared to many North American cities. Most cities and towns feature modern amenities and we offer public education and healthcare