Our firm’s exclusive focus on immigration matters includes foreign visa expertise in order to assist our clients in the international movement of their staff abroad. This service is provided predominately to multinational corporations, high technology sectors and other major organizations which transfer foreign workers abroad on an ongoing basis.

We seamlessly transfer your employees throughout the globe

Our Canadian immigration law firm has an established network of foreign visa experts such as foreign lawyers, service providers, consulates and missions in order to provide our clients with an extensive range of foreign visa services consistent with the clients’ goals and expectations.

Our firm will initially review the foreign visa requirements, from within Canada, with the applicable human resources department and will discuss the processes and procedures for obtaining visas for employees to travel/work abroad. If non-Canadian assistance is required in obtaining a foreign visa, our firm will assist the Canadian human resource department to obtain the necessary information and documentation and will provide the required forms in order to initiate the foreign visa application process. Once the documentation is received, it will be reviewed, finalized and the appropriate supporting documentation will be prepared and the filing requirements fulfilled for submission of the application through the applicable mission. The case will be filed either at a local foreign mission or abroad, as appropriate. Our Canadian office will coordinate the process from beginning to end thereby providing foreign visa service support to both the human resource professional and the specific employee traveling abroad.